Fashion Design & Consultation, T-shirts, Uniforms, Formal Wear, Sports Wear, Casuals, Special Event Clothing and more.


Residential & Commercial Interior Design, Exhibition Stall Design & Production, Event Design & Production, Wedding Event Design & Production, Visual Merchandising.


Logo & Branding, Web Design, Print Design, Graphic Design, Product & Merchandise Design, Art & Illustration, Social Media Design & Marketing, Photography, Audio Video Production, Radio Jingle.


We collaborate with various artists, designers, developers, creative think tanks who want to create something unique.
We believe collaborations are the quickest lanes towards growth and success and we rise by lifting each other up, so if you feel that we can empower each other through collaborations, click the button below.


from conceptualization to execution

FADU® - Fashion Architecture Design United is an International multi-award winning organization founded in India in 2011.

Our expertise is guided by best practices and driven by Creative Intelligence. We enhance the image of your organization with numerous brand-building concepts and provide holistic support to reach the potential target audiences.


A great artist use only the best sketchbooks for their projects. When it comes to writing down ideas, or scribbling design concepts. Whether you are a traveller, designer, architect or fashion student that drawing a dream wardrobe you are sure to find the right sketchbook for your needs. 

FADU sketchbooks are quality made in different sizes and have a wide range of cover designs with various colours/patterns/styles of inner pages. These books are perfect for sketching, writing and classwork. Ideal for all dry media including pen, pencil, charcoal, marker, pastels, crayons & sketching sticks.



FADU Publication features exemplary ideas, methods and techniques of documentation be it in Fashion, Architecture or Design. We are committed to document and compile all creative processes which lead to becoming a reference for others to get inspired, a designer’s work, artist’s expression, writer’s literature, photographer’s frames or patron’s attempt to think out of the box.

We invite every creative soul to approach, discuss and ideate at a platform, which aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and its seeker.


FADU Carnival is a unique platform for budding Fashion, Interior, Product designers to exhibit their products and ideas at a very low exhibition cost, to distributors curators, and patrons before investing a large sum of money.

Exhibitors can have an exchange of business. Conduct or be part of various workshops, interactive sessions, and open forums.

Word of Mouth

"Gufran is a very cool headed person bearing his temper in all adverse situations. He is technically proficient but also possesses very good convincing skills and is not only a good contributor but good team player as well and has leadership skills. He has good marketing skills as well as very well behaved professional and has people management skills."

Faisal Shaikh

Business Head (West)

We are US base Food Distribution Company - We wanted to create our product logo packaging for which we got ref. of FADU from our friend from India and whole project was given to FADU which they (FADU) have executed professionally and on Time - Very Creative and Responsive team work and Gufran is Most Creative and Humble man I have come across, We highly recommend FADU for any of Graphic work we wish them (FADU) more and more success and continue doing good and great job all the time - OUR BEST WISHES

Sunil Joshi

Managing Director

Pinaka Foods Inc.

"Gufran has been exemplary in creating the best of ideas time and time again. He has a clear understanding of the medium which helps in articulating briefs to concept brilliantly. great person to work with!!!"

Beerajaah Sswain

National Director

"A truly creative mind behind those crazy movie-hero attires. One very misleading book that you would tend to judge wrongly by its cover. But when it comes to creativity, have always come back amazed at his creations. I would strongly recommend Gufran's work to anyone who might be interested in any form of online solutions - banners, websites, microsites. His USP, he understands what a brand communication means & he can transform that to interesting online solutions that would talk brand attributes in a single glance, not at all your run of mill online solution providers"

Seema Das

Investment Director